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What is normal?

A man and woman kissing?
A man kissing another man?
A woman and another woman kissing?
A transgender person kissing another transgender person? Or kissing a non-transgender person?

What is normal in your life may not be ‘normal’ in another’s life?

What was normal for me growing up was boys wore blue and girls wore pink. Boys played with trucks and girls played with dolls. It’s okay to toughen up a boy by skinning his knees or elbows but girls are delicate flowers and they must be protected.

When boys wanted to play house they were called sissies (or worse) and when girls wanted to play with trucks they were called tomboys (or worse). From an early age we are given these messages that boys behave a certain way and girls behave a different way.

But what is normal?

It was not ‘normal’ for Jesus to be teaching about loving your neighbor and the stranger. Love your family and friends yes, but not your neighbors or especially the stranger!

What is normal in your life may not be ‘normal’ in another’s life?

Perhaps embracing our own kind of ‘normal’ is the ‘new black’?

Let’s try it on and wear it around town as often as we can.