Embracing Your Desires

In this fun and illuminating class, we will explore our sexual and kinky desires while examining some of the influences that can keep us from truly embracing these desires. Living into our desires can be fun and exciting. It can also be scary and filled with fear and shame.

[Healthy desire] is it that longing for those extraordinary experiences when sex or play or intimacy can offer us that feeling of ourselves merging physically and spiritually with the other person? Of accepting another’s essence and feeling ourselves accepted as two flames held close merge into one—a feeling that is not too grandiose to call love?[1]

Through conversation and engaging multimedia, Daniel will help us examine how self-esteem, shame and other influences can hinder us from embracing our desires. During the second part of the class, participants will be invited to define, explore, and then own their desires through a fun and safe group activity. You will be invited to embrace your desires!

 [1] Dossie Easton and Janet W. Hardy, Radical Ecstasy (Oakland, CA: Greenery Press, 2004), page 111.