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Oct. 13-15, 2023 – S.I.R.Festival.com  – REGISTRATION OPEN!
I am excited to announce I will be offering Flourishing Beyond Shame and Embracing Your Desires workshops at S.I.R. Festival! 

Class & Workshop Offerings:

  • Flourishing Beyond Shame: Sexuality & Gender Identity Shame (class)
  • Igniting Desire: for Yourself, for Others, for the Divine (retreat)
  • No Shame in My Game: How to be a More Authentic Kinkster (class)
  • Embracing Your Desires: Exploring your sexual and kinky desires (class)
  • The Ecstatic Deprivation of 2020 (class) – recorded FB Live Event

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Stump The Monk – Episode 5: Shame and Sex as Spiritual Practice 
Daigan Gaither sits down with Daniel Borysewicz in March 2020 to discuss the idea of shame and sex when it comes to spiritual practice and embodiment. (Stump The Monk)

Do you seek healing from shame?

you_are_beautiful____by_lizzdurr121-d3f9orsMany of us deal with the shame we received from others when we were young. Were you ridiculed by your family and peers because you didn’t behave as a boy or girl should behave?

Did they call you “sissy” or “tomboy” or worse?

These incidents of shaming cause injuries to our souls, which we carry into our adulthood. These injuries can hinder us from having a flourishing and loving life. They limit us from becoming the beloved being of light that we can all become in this lifetime. Moving beyond internalized shame and homophobia can allow each of us to have a life filled with joy, contentment and love.

Do you want a life filled with joy, contentment and love?

If your answer is “Yes” then let’s meet to begin your healing.

We will initially meet to discuss what healing you are seeking and/or what healing or treatment(s) you may need for the issue you have come to see me about. This initial consultation can be done over the phone. If we meet in person, it may lead directly into a session at that time.

If you have questions,
please contact Daniel Borysewicz, MDiv, CSR*
at leaveshamebehind@gmail.com

Daniel’s pronouns: He/Him/His

I have been trained as a Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner by Drake Bear Stephen, founder of the Medicine Wheel Mystery School in Clayton, CA (www.drakeinnerprizes.com).  During this training, I journeyed around the medicine wheel, in the tradition of the Q’ero  in Peru.

I offer the following for individuals:

  • Illuminations
  • Extractions
  • Soul (Fragment) Retrievals
  • Final Death Rites

A typical energy work session can be at least 1 hour, up to 90 minutes

Rate: Donation based (Typical donation is $30 or more)

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* Certificate of Sexuality and Religion, Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, CA