Igniting Desire

Igniting Desire: For Yourself, For Others, For The Divine…

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This is a one-day or two-day retreat for self-identified men who have sex with men. During the retreat, participants will be asked to examine some of the influences that impact our desires for ourselves, for others, and for the Divine.

This retreat is considered adult education and all participates must be at least eighteen years old.

We encourage participants to be open to explore their ‘growing edges’ and consider taking some ‘small’ risks for the potential gain of further understanding themselves and others better.

What you can expect during this retreat:

  • At no time during this retreat will participants be forced to participate in any activity or disclose personal information that makes them feel uncomfortable.
  • And at no time during the retreat will participants be asked to take off any articles of clothing.
  • Large group presentations
  • Small group discussions
  • Sexually explicit media
  • Group and individual exercises

Typical Agenda:

Day 1:

  • Welcome & Introductions
  • Group Guidelines
  • Objectives for Retreat
  • Review of some definitions
  • Group ExerciseWhat are ‘Healthy’ Desires for You?
    • Take the Group’s ‘Temperature
  • Influences on Desire: For Ourselves
    • Small Group Discussion
  • Influences on Desire: For Others
    • Small Group Discussion
  • Group Exercise
    • Developing Intimacy
  • Influences on Desire: For the Divine
    • Small Group Discussion
  • Unconscious Negatives
    • Small Group Discussion
  • Final Thoughts for Today
Day 2:

  • Welcome Back
  • Check In
  • Defining Your Desire: for Yourself
    • Large Group Discussion
  • Defining Your Desire: for Others
    • Large Group Discussion
  • Defining Your Desire: for the Divine
    • Large Group Discussion
  • Defining Your Desire:
    Small Group Discussion
  • Seeking the ‘Ideal’ for:
    • Yourself
    • Others
    • The Divine
  • Seeking the ‘Ideal’ Small Group Discussion
  • Closing Reflections for the Retreat
  • Last But Not Least
    • Final Questions & Evaluations

Workshop Objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of what healthy desire looks like for you.
  • Gain an understanding of what impacts and influences your desire for:
    • Yourself
    • Others
    • The Divine
  • Begin developing an ‘ideal’ partnership with:
    • Yourself
    • Others
    • The Divine


  • $300 + travel if outside SF Bay Area
  • Cost of participant workbook: $1.50 each

For more information and to schedule a retreat at your church, organization or agency, please contact Daniel Borysewicz at leaveshamebehind@gmail.com or (510) 859-4076

Workshop Requirements:

  • Laptop projector and screen
  • White board or poster board easel
  • Refreshments and food for both days – provided by hosting organization
  • A space that is free of outside foot traffic to ensure a confidential environment for participants as well as chairs to accommodate all of the participants, set up facing towards the screen
  • 2-3 separate break-out rooms for small group discussions

Workshop Resources: