Educational Offerings

Flourishing Beyond Shame (Workshop or Class)

This is a workshop/class where we will examine and discuss the influences of shame upon gender, gender identity, and sexuality. Conservative religious and secular factions use shame as a tool of oppression, regardless of sexual orientation or gender presentation. Participants will have opportunities to reflect on their personal understandings of how stigma and shame can affect gender and sexuality and be a hindrance to living a flourishing life. This queer-focused workshop/class is intended for all types of people, regardless of sexuality, gender, or religious affiliation. Read more »

Igniting Desire: For Yourself, For Others, For The Divine… (Retreat)

This is a one-day or two-day retreat for self-identified men who have sex with men. During the retreat, participants will be asked to examine some of the influences that impact our desires for ourselves, for others, and for the Divine.  Read more »

No Shame in My Game: Becoming a More Authentic Kinkster (Class)

A fun and informative class, were we’ll examine the influences that shame can have on our kinky desires and BDSM roles. Through conversation and engaging multimedia, Daniel will help us examine how shame can hinder us from embracing our kinky desires. Participants will be invited to define, explore, and continue their work to leave shame behind to become more authentic Kinksters.

Embracing Your Desires (Class)

In this fun and illuminating class, we explore our sexual and kinky desires and examine some of the influences that can keep us from truly embracing these desires. Through conversation and engaging multimedia, We will examine how self-esteem, shame and other influences can hinder us from embracing our desires. During the second part of the class, participants will be invited to define, explore, and then own their sexual and kinky desires through a fun and safe group activity.