The Trinity – An excerpt from my queer theology

trinity_2The Trinity of my faith heritage (Roman Catholic) is very clear: God, the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I did not fully understand this concept of the Trinity. I understood and saw them for much of my life, including my time in seminary as three separate entities and not as one in the Divine. During the fourth unit of my CPE, I had an epiphany while reading the book Shared Wisdom by Pamela Cooper White, and saw another way to interpret of the Trinity through different aspects of myself: ‘Daddy’, ‘boy’, and ‘Drag Queen.’ Here are three very different aspects of myself that connect me to different communities and people.

Allow me to clarify – within the BDSM community; someone who is both a dominant and a submissive is called a ‘switch’. I am both a ‘Daddy’ (dominant) and a ‘boy’ (submissive), given the right circumstances and context. Over the last 20 years of my life, I have and still sometimes manifest as a ‘Drag Queen.’ I see these three aspects of myself as ways to relate to the Trinity. As the ‘Daddy, the Divine is protective, parental, influential and can be directive. As a ‘boy’, the Divine is loving, playful, spontaneous, a seeker of pleasure, and kind towards all creatures. As a ‘Drag Queen’, the Divine is fierce, powerful, larger than life, and a creator of movement of body, sound, and air. All of these aspects of the Divine are needed at different times in our lives. There are times when ‘Daddy’s’ protection is needed and other times when ‘Daddy’s’ gentle boot is needed to help us get off our behinds. Sometimes the love and kindness of the ‘boy’ is needed during times of loneliness and despair. And there are times when our lives need to be shaken up by the way a ‘Drag Queen’ comes in and gets things moving with a fabulous outfit and song. Through this divinely queer inspiration, I am able to recognize the sacredness within myself.