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Sex Prayer

Sex Prayer (pg 174)
“Illuminata: A Return to Prayer” Marianne Williamson (Amazon)

Dear God,
May sex, like everything else, be in my life, or not in my life, according to your will.
May it be an instrument of healing, of love and sacred power
For me and anyone with whom I am joined.
May it’s spiritual secrets be revealed to me.
Pray all ugliness, cheapness, or Loveless sexual thoughts and experience becomes out of my mind and body.
Thank God’s Spirit and to hear.
May I do as you would have me do
And I know what you would have me know
And have no experience of anything else.
May I never underestimate its power
Or the sacred responsibility that is placed in my hands when I so join with another.
May sex be only a sacred practice for me and any other with whom I am joined.
May I know it’s holiness and only that.
Thank you very much.