Touching ourselves isn’t shameful

We are told from an early age that touching our genitals is wrong or ‘dirty’. Then as puberty hits, the sex education we might be taught are either fear-based or nonexistent.

We are taught that being sexual is a shame-filled activity from a very early age. This needs to change. Being sexual is not shameful. Judging or ridiculing someone for being sexual IS shameful.

Because we live in a patriarchal society, it’s all about looking at the sexual prowess of men and the sexual submission of women.

‘The paradox is the judgment of expressing our sexuality, and the double standard linked with it. As a man, if I have so much sex I’m a stud, and as a woman, if you do the same, you’re a slut.’ (From the article link below)

We must all work towards ending slut shaming and embracing a life free of sexual shame. #LeaveShameBehind

Yoni Disconnect: Sexual Healing article

By Rev. Daniel Borysewicz

Rev. Daniel Borysewicz is a progressive chaplain and spiritual leader seeking radical inclusion for all people; regardless of race, nationality, sexual or gender identity, or socio-economic class. Daniel works to provide solutions for problems that individuals have difficulty dealing with; shame and internalized homophobia and transphobia are some examples, and assists in connecting people with others for mutual benefit. Social justice is also an important part of his work. Daniel graduated from Pacific School of Religion, May 2013 with a MDiv and Certificate in Sexuality and Religion and is currently working as a Hospice Chaplain in Walnut Creek and an Assistant Night Minister in San Francisco.